Dec. 18th, 2009

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So, it turns out the RTE on LJ works just fine -- if you use IE. :/ Since I prefer Chrome, it took me a while to get annoyed with the lack of functionality, and go hunting for the reason behind it. *pfft* This chap is largely canon, relatively short. One of three I intended to post yesterday. As always, any and all comments/crits are welcome. I don't own them, not making money, and don't mean to imply anything about the sexual orientation of the actors portraying the characters (LOL, I wish!).

Dom’s Reflections

Mia’s broken voice comes over the long-distance connection like a knife. “It’s Letty. She’s been murdered.”

The world just kinda grinds to a halt around me. Noisy crowd fades away. She says something else, but it sounds like I’m at the bottom of a well and her voice is echoing off the walls.

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Brian’s Impressions

When I was a boy, didn’t care about a thing It was me and this world and a broken dream I was blaming myself for all that was going wrong ~ Papa Roach, “Lifeline”

 “Bring him up, Toretto.” I keep my voice level and even, despite the adrenaline that’s dumping into my bloodstream, despite the pulse suddenly hammering in my temple. My gun dips down toward the floor, the muscles in my arms going lax. It figures he would be able to ferret out the same leads as me, in less time.

I can’t believe he’s dangling the man out the window, holding his full weight like that.

Shit, he looks thinner. Harder. Dominic Toretto, distilled and concentrated. That’s not a good thing. Not in anyone’s world.

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Dom’s Reflections

Who do you need, who do you love, when you come undone? ~ Duran Duran

Brian slides through the turn, tight as you please, Skyline tucked and neat. Big, heavy Chevelle can’t do it quite as gracefully, and I know it. Feel the ass end slide over, the jolt of steel frame on fiberglass. It sends a chill through me.

“You are one quarter mile from your destination.”

I look over at Brian. He’s looking at me.

It’s on, damn it. Show me what you got, snowman.


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